Children's Dentistry

At Orange Family Dental, in SE Calgary, we are family focused and love giving children a reason to smile!  We are privileged to serve you and your family with these all-important oral health needs.  Making sure that your children are healthy is so important, and your child’s oral health is a huge part of their overall health which is why we are pleased to offer Children’s Dentistry.

Our professional team has been trained to treat the early growth and development of your child’s dentition through adolescence. As your child grows, Dr. Menon and her associate dentists are able to recognize at an early stage any problems that will affect the overall function of your child’s dental health. Dr. Menon prides herself in creating an environment that is friendly, caring and fun, allowing for a positive dental experience!

If you have any questions about Children’s Dentistry and your child’s oral or overall health, please feel free to speak with one of our team members here at Orange Family Dental today. Taking great care of your children is incredibly important to Dr. Menon and our entire Calgary, Alberta, team.

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