Benefits of traditional braces without the metal, embarrassment and restrictions is why Invisalign is the state-of-the-art clear aligner of choice!  The team at Orange Family Dental has been providing people of all ages with this extraordinary alternative to old-school metal braces.

With advanced technology Invisalign® clear aligners slowly and comfortably realign your teeth over a period of months.  It all begins with your records appointment; Dr. Menon will determine if Invisalign is the best approach for you.  If you are a candidate for Invisalign®, you will be able to see a computer-generated 3D image of your smile, before and after Invisalign®. Your 3D image is used to make customized clear aligners that you can insert and remove at will!

The best part is that the aligners are virtually invisible and since they are completely removable, you have no food restrictions! Invisalign® Teen is a good option for teens that don’t want metal braces but are interested in straightening their teeth. With Invisalign®, you can discreetly achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

At Orange Family Dental, Dr. Menon is very happy to answer any questions you may have concerning Invisalign®, the clear answer to straightening your teeth!

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